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After graduating from the Antwerp Fashion Academy in 1981, MARINA YEE took the world by storm with her designs as one of the artistic co-founders of the famous “Antwerp Six.” While the details of her practice had remained veiled in mystery since her departure from the group in 1988, LAILA TOKIO had the opportunity to present the first collection of Yee’s “M.Y. project” along with a first time installation of the designer’s archive pieces and artwork selected from LAILA’s extensive archive. MARINA YEE herself had also visited Japan in correspondence to the launch of the M.Y. project.
The iconic “Antwerp Six” managed to bring Belgian fashion of the mid eighties to the forefront of the industry, undeniably conquering a spot on the world map in terms of avant-garde fashion, proving brilliantly successful to this day. In a distinct realm of her own and perhaps being the most artistic and enigmatic member of the Six, MARINA YEE left the collective in 1988 due to her drive for artistic freedom and independency that conflicted with the demands of the existing fashion system. Thereafter merging unexpected re-usage and re-creation of materials and subject matter, she has continued to pursue her own unconventional vision, one of boundless creativity unhindered by imposed codes or limits, exploring a wider artistic spectrum of paint, collage, graphic, object and interior design.
Since encountering MARINA YEE’s archive works, LAILA TOKIO has over the years continued to engage in a mutual and on-going dialogue with the designer. This collaboration was realized as a result of a shared attitude that questions the existing contexts and systems within fashion, and aims to communicate this message from Tokyo to the rest of the world.

1981 年にアントワープ王立芸術アカデミーを卒業後、「アントワープ・シックス」のメンバーの 1 人として世界に衝撃 を与えたデザイナー、MARINA YEE(マリナ・イー)。1988 年にグループを脱退後、その活動はベールに包まれていましたが、LAILA TOKIO にて彼女のファーストコレクションとなる『M.Y. project』の発表と共に、LAILAが所有する彼女のアーカイヴ作品やアートワークを交えたインスタレーションを初公開。会期中はマリナ・イー本人も来日しました。
LAILA TOKIOは彼女のアーカイヴ作品との出逢いをきっかけとした数年に渡る交流の中で、既存のファッションやそのシステムへの疑問視する感覚を共有し、東京から世界に向けてメッセージを発信すべく今回の催しが実現しました。